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Pastoral care

Pastoral care within or from the congregation consist of three levels:

  1. Care group pastoral care
  2. The heading ‘care group pastoral care’ already tells it. Pastoral care within the Bijbelgemeente starts at the level of looking after and taking care of each other within care groups (small bible study groups). This pastoral care is expressed in:
    • Looking after those who are weak or sick. For instance: sending a postcard, hospital visits by care group members, or home visits by care group members and/or leaders.
    • Pray for each other. When worries are shared at the care group meetings, we pray for each other.
    • Encourage each other by visiting each other outside of the care group evenings, which is also provides the opportunity to pray fore each other.

  3. Basic care
    For care that does not directly require professional help, but also cannot be provided within the care group. The team of elders can be invited in case care cannot or cannot fully be provided in the care group. Together, we’ll search for suitable support.

  4. Professional care
    For people with severe psychological problems, we work together with Unfold Counselling in Buggenum. Unfold Counseling stands for professional help with psychological problems, for people who are not able to deal with events, feelings, emotions, stress, relationships or other issues that are currently going on.

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