Bible congregation Venray

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General information

Name: Bijbelgemeente Venray
RSIN: 818979227
IBAN: NL76 INGB 0006219844
KVK: 14127002

Contact information

Visiting address: Kruidenlaan 161, 5803 BV Venray
Phone number: 06-3891SPAM0603


The Bijbelgemeente Venray is led by a leadership team of elders, supported by two deacons: the treasurer and the secretary. The elders are chosen by and from the members of the congregation for a 4-year period.

Aims and vision

The congregation aims to:

  1. Be an evangelical church in Venray and surroundings;
  2. Take care of each other;
  3. Introduce Jesus Christ to people who don’t know Him yet;
  4. Bring up the congregation to spiritual maturity, so that the congregation is able and willing to serve;
  5. Glorify God together in our gatherings.

The vision of the congregation is that people individually and the society as a whole will discover the purpose of life through knowing and acknowledging God as creator of heaven and earth. Furthermore, individuals and society will find joy and inner peace in the relationship with God. God reveals himself through his Word, the Bible.

Policy plan

The open services are at the heart of the congregation. The services are held on Sunday mornings in a building called De Blokhut, starting at 10.00 am. After the gathering, which includes time for singing and praying together, and listening to a speaker, there is the opportunity to socialize and drink coffee/tea. The leadership team supervises the various activities and is accountable for these activities.

Reward policy

Since 1 October 2020, the Biblegemeente Venray has a paid consultant who is available 2 days a week. This consultancy will end on 31 August 2022. Local volunteers receive no compensation. The speakers on Sunday morning in the church service receive a compensation plus travel expenses. The compensation differs. This depends on whether someone is a speaker by profession (eg pastor) or whether someone speaks while the person also has a regular job. Own speakers and members who perform tasks do not receive any compensation for this.

Account of the activities

Public meetings every Sunday morning at 10h00 (if possible due to the corona measures). There are also special services on Christian holidays.

In the 2020-2021 season: meeting evenings with a number of plenary thematic Bible study evenings.

Bible study circles (Boxmeer, Vortum-Mullem, Horst-America).

A general meeting of members twice a year.

Initiatives to support asylum seekers in the Netherlands and spreading the gospel overseas (mission)

Planned expenses

Our church congregation provides itself with the necessary financial means to bear the costs of the (public) activities. Bijbelgemeente Venray does not receive subsidies. The financial state of the congregation is accounted for to the members and frequent visitors of the congregation once per year. When means would dry out, this group would be requested to supply necessary means.

The costs mainly comprise of the rent of the meeting room, payment of speakers, and support of people and activities in the domains of care, development aid and proclamation of the gospel.

Short state of income and expenses including brief explanations



Donations and collections € 21.110
Interest € 0


Rent of meeting rooms € 4.540
Consultant € 20.917
Expenditure on church services, bible studies and other activities € 2.824
Contribution to overarching denomination € 730
Development aid and mission € 2.980
Work groups € 1.122
Website, bank costs en secretariat € 396

The realization of 2021 is in line with the budget we had drawn up for 2021. Slightly less was spent on guest speakers than budgeted. On balance, 2021 was closed with a negative balance of - € 12,399. This balance has been deducted from the reserve. The negative balance is the result of hiring a consultant.

Budget for 2022


Donations and collections € 21.500
Interest € 0


Rent of meeting rooms € 3.000
Consultant € 15.100
Expenditure on church services, bible studies and other activities € 7.000
Contribution to overarching denomination € 500
Development aid and mission € 1.980
Work groups € 850
Website, bank costs and secretariat € 350

We expect that the income will remain approximately the same as in 2021. The salary for the consultant has been passed on until the end of August, when his work with us ends. We expect a shortfall of approximately € 7.280 in 2022. This shortfall can be compensated by the reserve.