Speakers in the services

4 OctoberHenk van der GraaffDe Blokhut
11 OctoberJaap NoorlanderDe Blokhut
18 OctoberAuke RienstraDe Blokhut
25 OctoberHenk VeltmanDe Blokhut

Be aware! On the 18th of October, the service starts at 14h00 (instead of at 10h00, which normally is the case).

Location Since August 23rd, we gather most of the times in the ‘Blokhut’ in Venray. Address: Kempweg 162 in Venray. Please stay home if you, or your housemates have symptomes of the corona virus. You can also follow the service via the live stream, for details, you can contact the secretary.

Prayer meeting Every Sunday at 20h00. For more information, contact the secretary.