Speakers in the services

2 AprilNico SchipperBergen + Online
4 AprilAuke RienstraBlokhut + Online
11 AprilJesse de HaanBlokhut + Online
18 AprilJack BarentsenBlokhut + Online
25 AprilJan Willem BaasBlokhut + Online

Update! Most of our activities are currently held online because of the lockdown. You can join the services online, or in person (in the Blokhut in Venray) in case the virtual service is insufficient for you. If you want join the virtual service, please contact the secretary.

Good Friday On Good Friday, we’ll hold a service in Bergen starting at 19h00, which can be joined online as well.


On Thursday the 15th and Thursday the 29th of April, we’ll hold a bible study evening with the whole congregation, led by Auke Rienstra. If you want more information, please contact the secretary.

Prayer meeting Every Sunday at 19h30. For more information, contact the secretary.