Speakers in the services

6 SeptemberJaap FijnvandraatDe Blokhut
13 SeptemberGerard ElbersMerselo
20 SeptemberJonathan SchoutenDe Blokhut
27 SeptemberDavid BouwmanNieuw-Bergen

Locations From the 23rd of August, we will most of the times gather in the ‘Blokhut’ in Venray. Address: Kempweg 162 in Venray. On occasions that we can’t meet in the Blokhut, we hope to meet in a garden in Merselo, details can be obtained via the secretary. The 27th, we meet in Nieuw-Bergen. Please stay home if you, or your housemates have symptomes of the corona virus. You can also follow the service via the live stream, for details, you can contact the secretary.

Prayer meeting Every Sunday at 20h00. For more information, contact the secretary.